26 Apr

                                       Sri Anandamayi Ma (1896-1982)

Anandamayi Ma (1896-1982) was an Indian spiritual leader with boundless compassion.  She was born in present-day Bangladesh. As a person of remarkable piety, sanctity, and wisdom, she came to the notice of both simple people and famous figures of India. She did not have an outer guru, and emphasized the importance of detachment from the world and religious devotion, encouraging her devotees to serve others. She became a famous saint who like many other female Indian saints stood on the edge of several religious traditions, and in the midst of none. She influenced the spirituality of thousands of people who came to see her throughout her long life, and passed away in 1981.

This Mantra is devoted to this beautiful Anadamayi , the joy-permeated, the most perfect, beautiful flower who was attributed to by her service of ,precognition, healing and other miracles .

Here is the Mantra:
Om Anandamayi, Chaitanyamayi, Satyamayi, Paremeshwari

Pronounced : 

Anan-da-my, Chai-tanya-my, Sat-ya-my ay, para-may shwaree

English meaning:
The Joy-Permeated,

The Consciousness and Truth filled Mother

Oh Supreme Goddess